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Scam warning

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Community Volunteer Income Tax Program
The CVITP program is offered by your local public library and various other locations in collaboration with the CRA and designed for lower income tax payers to have their income tax returns prepared by volunteers at no charge.

We require eligable tax payers to fill out a drop off form that is used to obtain certain information to make the preparation of the tax return as easy as possible.

If you have a spouse or common law spouse please complete 2 drop off forms and put them in the same envelope.

We do not keep any information submitted to the program and all submitted income slips and information slips will be returned to you.

By filling out the form you allow us to prepare your tax return and efile it to the CRA.

After filling out the form please print it out and sign it and include it with whatever information you are submitting.

Please make sure you print your name(s) and phone number on the envelope and we request you DO NOT lick the envelope shut.

Please note that no information you enter will be saved, recorded or filed.

Drop Off Form
Download the drop off form