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Community Volunteer Income Tax Program
Welcome to the CVITP
(Community Volunteer Income Tax Program)
We are volunteers and are part of the  CVITP (Community Volunteer Income Tax Program) offered by the CRA and designed for lower income tax payers to have their income tax returns prepared by volunteers at no charge.

As volunteers we give our own time to prepare your income tax return at no charge if you meet the eligibilty requirements and we do not work or are employed by the CRA.

We do not retain, publish, record or sell your information.

We do not keep any information submitted to the program and all submitted income slips and information slips will be returned to you.

By filling out the drop off form or contact us via phone or virtual platform you allow us to prepare your tax return and e-file the return to the CRA.

Any information supplied to us via email will be destroyed after completion and e-Filing of the tax return.

Your email address will not be sold, shared or kept on file and we do not send unwanted spam emails.

Our volunteers are subject to strict guidelines regarding confidentiality, and internal access to customer data is restricted to highly trained personnel on an "as-needed" basis.